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National Family Caregivers Association

"NFCA is launching e-communities around the country to connect family caregivers to their peers in their own cities and states. Usually the most valuable and trusted resources and information for family caregivers needs to come from other caregivers within your community.

An e-community is a place for family caregivers to post questions and to seek advice on anything from 'where can I find a reliable caregiver to come in on a Sunday morning' to 'are there any local resources to help my teenagers better cope with Grandma moving into the house?' The e-communities are a great way to learn about local services with references, both positive and negative. An e-community creates a forum where members connect to one another via email. After registering, family caregivers will begin receiving emails with questions and information that is sent by other members and is received by everyone in the group. As a member of the e-community receiving these emails, it is your choice to read them or not and to respond or delete. Not every email or subject will be of interest to everyone. Family caregivers participating in the program choose what they want to read and when they want to respond on their own schedule."