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FCA: Groups: "Family Caregiver Alliance offers four different online support groups for caregivers and their loved ones:

* The Caregiver Online Group is an unmoderated group for families, partners and other caregivers of adults with disorders such as Alzheimer’s, stroke, brain injury and other chronic debilitating health conditions. The group offers a safe place to discuss the stresses, challenges and rewards of providing care for a loved one.

* The Huntington’s Disease and Movement Disorders Online Group is for anyone — diagnosed individuals, families, friends and professionals — living with the day-to-day challenges of HD, Parkinson’s or another movement disorder. The group is facilitated by a registered nurse with extensive personal and professional HD experience.

* The LGBT Caring Community Online Support Group offers a place for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender caregivers of adults with chronic health problems to discuss the unique issues of caring for their loved ones.

* The Link2Care Support Group is part of a secure website dedicated to clients of California’s Caregiver Resource Centers. For information on participating in this moderated group, call your local CRC or (800) 445-8106."